Monday, October 20, 2014

C/2011 J2 LINEAR

C/2011 J2 LINEAR is a comet, just another one, not very famous. Discovered in May, 2011 in LINEAR program. It had then apparent brightness of 19.7mag. Comet has not approched much Sun - the closest distance between comet and Sun was about 3.4AU (1AU is about 150mln km). 

Above is the two frames made in February, 2014. And below is negative stack 5x5 minutes:
It is actually possible to imagine a comet tail, if you try a little :)
And yesterday I made my last picture of this comet. It is currently escaping back to the space. Currently it is over 500 mln km from Earth:
In September, 2014 several astronomers discovered the fact comet ncule splitting. You can read more about it at page.

Clear skies!

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