Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sharpless 112

In astrophotography noone cares about sharpless pictures. However one of the astronomy catalogs is called Sharpless - it was published by the US astronomer Stewart Sharpless in 1959, and contains 312 objects that are HII regions (emission nebulae). 
The one at position 112 is not so popular region, but I decided to picture it over two extremely short June nights. This region is placed about 5700 light years away, and can be found in the Cygnus constellation nearby its brightest star - Deneb. Nebula itself has apparent diameter about 15' and is immersed in much larger, but not so bright hydrogen cloud, that makes whole frame deep red.
Sharpless 112 in Cygnus

Picture has been shot with 200/800 newtonian and Atik383 camera at my suburban backyard. Exposures are:
 - 18x10 minutes Ha filter
 - 3x6x5 minutes RGB filters

Clear skies!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Billions and billions

There is great amount of galaxies in the Canes Venatici constellation, but NGC4395 spiral galaxy is for example rare catch. Probably due to its low surface brightness.
NGC4395 galaxy with annotated area

But today not about this galaxy, because the subexposures are still beeing collected. Apparently close to NGC4395 there is very remote world - SDSS J122645.33+332800.9 quasar with apparent visual magnitude 20.57mag. It is placed about 12 billion light years away.
Distant quasar in the NGC4395 field of view
Shot with 8" newtonian and Atik383 camera. 40x10 minutes exposure under suburbian sky.

Clear skies!