Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Planetary mite

After a few days spent on post processing Pelican nebula ( Pelican can wait ) I decided to rest a little and collect some human readable color picutures. Due to almost full Moon bright sky I have choosen M39 open cluster. But tiny planetary nebula also has been framed inside. This nebula has apparent size 38x27" and has been catalogued by R. Minkowski at number 1-79. 
Atik383, TS130/910 0.79x, RGB 3x12x5 minutes. Full frame (nebula at top left corner :) )
M39 open cluster and M1-79 at top left corner
Planetary full scale close-up:
Minkowski M1-79 planetary nebula
and apparent size comparison to well known M27 Dumbbell planetary nebula:
Apparent size comparison M1-79 (left) and M27 (right)

Clear skies!

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