Friday, June 17, 2016

Hunt for TrES-3b exoplanet transit

Nights in June are very short in central Europe - not even three hours. Fortunately the TrES3-3b exoplanet minimum lasts only about hour and on the June, 5th I managed to record the minimum. The egzoplanet traversed between the star and us and it caused the very small star brigtness reduction - about 0.02 magnitude, that is near the limit of detection of my setup. But, eventually, exoplanet transit has been recorded:
MaxIm photometry session of TrES-3b exoplanet transit


TrES3 star position
Gears used: TS130/910 refractor with 0.79x reducer, Atik383 mono camera with Baader L filter, EQ6 mount, OAG guided. Single exposure - 120 seconds.
So - exoplanet detected from the backyard - yay !

Clear skies!

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