Saturday, September 17, 2016


There is plenty of interesting areas between Cassiopeia and Cepheus. Frame pictured below can be found next to famous Bubble nebula. This area contains mainly Sh2-157 hydrogen area that is excited to shine by WR157 Wolf-Rayet star (northern part of nebula) and blue supergiant of type O7 (southern part). This nebulosity is called Californietto Nebula in Interstellarum atlas, but is also known as Lobster's Claw Nebula or just The Claw Nebula.
It has been shot in my backyard using 130mm refractor and Atik383 camera. Total exposure was 300 minutes in H alpha, 150 minutes luminosity and 60 minutes each of RGB channel. Pretty tight frame, but rich :)
Sh2-157 region in Cassiopeia

The same, but hydrogen alpha only
Annotated frame

Clear skies!

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