Saturday, September 10, 2016

E.E. Barnard meets Beverly Lynds

Another piece of Milky Way stars and dusts. There are several non-stellar objects in the picture below. Main dark knight is Barnard 361 - large blob in the left part. Other objects are identified in the second annotated photo. Small bonus is planetary nebula Sh 1-89 - Moth Nebula. This is very star rich region in Cygnus constellation between Deneb and M39 open cluster. Also very rewarding in binocular observations.
In case you do not yet know - Beverly Lynds is an author of LDN and LBN catalogs. They was created much later than Barnard's ones, and also are more detailed.
Picture shot on August, 30 under my suburban sky with 130mm refractor and Atik383 monochromatic camera. Almost 6h total exposure time.
Barnard 361 dark blob and others

Clear skies!

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