Friday, September 2, 2016

Stars overflow

Palomar catalogue is a set of fifteen globular clusters discovered during POSS program. Few of them are pretty obscured with Milky Way dusts, and one of them is Palomar 10 cluster shown in the picture. Observant one can easily spot it in the upper left part of the frame. This one is placed in the Sagitta constellation and. There is also whole lot of Milky Way stars in the picture plus some uncatalogued dark nebulosity in the bottom part. Most of them are more or less red, because of interstellar selective extinction, but also due to the fact, that most of the Milky Way stars are cold and small ones.
Palomar 10 globular cluster (upper left) in Sagitta

In the upper right part there is pretty bright and red carbon star C* 2712 with color index 3.59 (!). And also there is another small and very red dot that is presented in enlarged crop below. It is variable star MN Sge, that is 100000 times brighter in infrared, than in visible part of the spectrum.
MN Sge variable star
Shot in my backyard with 130mm refractor and Atik383 camera. 300 minutes total LRGB exposure.

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